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This entire Substack is Inspired by the Jungle and BowTiedBull, They’ve changed my life. l’ll do my best now to change other peoples lives through substack.

Before jumping in, the writing style is aimed to be direct/blunt/to the point.

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To be clear, I try to focus on solely habit creating product… We talk about Virtual Land in Roblox and Metaverses as a Service (MaaS) platforms such as Open Metaverse & Nifty Islands. Web 3 has opened a new Financial System and here is where we discuss how to adapt into the new Economy. If you came here for shilling and ponzi scams, do not subscribe.

Main Discussions go as follows; from Virtual Land to, 3rd party websites, SaaS business models for the Metaverse, Discussing all the MaaS platforms & discussing a Game’s Economics, Tokenomics, and most important the depth in how fun they are and their potential to be a Key Market Share Leader in the Metaverse. So anyway for the price of a couple chicken nuggets you can have access to this Information.

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Final Note: I will not have a consistent time of day that I will post. This is not fair to people in Asia/Australia/USA etc. I will randomly post on that particular day. The general framework is that everyone gets equal opportunity not equal results. So everyone gets the content at the same time at a random time that day. This is the only fair way to do it.

The goal is DeGen Island 2035, Don’t fade the Cartoon Animals.

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